It's snowing and we're supposed to get more tonight w/some rain. I don't care that I don't have 4x4 in my truck. I would rather have another CL450 with some ice racing tires and a good Aerostitch suit. Not that my riding skills are even close to being good enough to ride in snow or ice. Hell, I haven't ridden in real traffic in a very long time. Even then it wasn't for a prolonged period of time. Most of my 2wheel time has been offroad. Maybe that would help me rip to work on an icebike. I know the perfect bike for that. My buddy has a 70's Yamaha 300 2 stroke for sale. Maybe I should pick that up in the spring and make an icebike.

The addiction is rearing it's ugly head again. I need to decide what I'm gonna do with the EX500. I don't think it's stuck because when I got a running start and slammed it into 1st, I thought I heard the pistons cycle. But the rear tire did lock up, so that's not good. Is it even worth the time to tear it down and check to see if it truly is locked up? I know I won't even be getting into the 500 until after the 450 is running. I think I spend more time talking about fixing my bike than I do actually fixing it. Guess that's because I don't have the parts but I still have the need to have my mind mentally working on my bike. Mental wrenching if you will.

If I have extra cash after I sell the Bronco, maybe I can pick up a crankcase. I should also get a bigger heater too. Need to get my money's worth of what I'm spending to have the "garage". The list of repairs isn't all that bad, just need to get the crankcase. That's the major hurdle, the rest isn't so bad. Still gotta find a good set of dual purpose tires. I really want to get the old cafe racer look that has the dual purpose added in for good measure. The new cafe racer looks is cool and all but that's just not what I'm into. Hell, my headlight ring is held on by electrical tape.

Style and beauty is definitly not my goal.

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