new guts

I called the shop with the engine and they still have it thank God. I'm gonna head over and pick it up next weekend. Then we have to strip the cylinders and head off. After that quick process it's off to the machine shop for a good once over. The new clutch pack and other misc parts will be installed into the new crankcase. Need to track down a good cam chain and breaker. After the crankcase gets back from the shop, it will probably be assembled in a few days. Not that it takes that long, just gotta find the time. Hell, Funkes and I have torn down and built my engine multiple times in one day. Yes it was because of stupid mistakes. But by the time I'm done with this damn bike, I'll know it inside and out.

After the engine is built, tuned and installed, it's cake from there. Brakes, cables, some wiring and other misc bits. Oh yeah, tires, sprockets and chain as well. But nothing major compared to rebuilding the engine. The carbs are nice and clean but they need to be sync'd. It better be running before spring or I'm gonna go fucking crazy. I've spent so much money and time on this bike, it's rediculous. Once all the rebuild is done, then the fun stuff starts. Mods, gotta love 'em. Nothing too crazy just a few cool ideas and mish-mashing of other ideas.

I gotta order my helmet, jacket and armor. I got a set of Icon SuperDuty gloves for Christmas and they rock! I also got my set of old school goggles. So, I think I'm gonna go as Kaneda for Halloween next year. Just no red leathers. No more ranting for tonight. Tomorrow the better half and I leave for Tennessee and we'll be back on Monday. The drive is gonna be nuts!

Have a good Holiday everyone, stay safe out there.


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