shop time

This weekend Funkz and I will be hitting the shop. He's pulling his rotors and prepping them to be turned and then cross drilled. I'll be hiting Cycle Recycle to grab a few items I need to finish before the engine comes back. Thankfully, I found a camchain on ebay that uses a master link and even a new ignition switch with not one but two keys! I have some wiring to tackle, parts to prep and other misc odds and ends to take care of. Funkz has the most work to do but it's better than not having anything to do. The RedQueen is heading to TN tomorrow so she'll miss out on the grease monkey time but I told her there's plenty of things to do. I'm still in awe that she had fun helping me rip apart the old engine and wants to help work on my bike. She even still wants to get one of her own someday. Definitly super cool!



Lucky said...

The Red Queen sounds like a super lady.

Lady Luck always manages to chime in with some good advice, but she hates hanging out with me when I'm wrenching. Apparently my "concentrating" face and my "pissed off" face are very similar.

red said...

She is indeed!

Does Lady Luck ride as well? I understand the similar faces, then again sometimes I'm working on my bike because I'm pissed. Or I'm pissed because I'm working on my bike. I guess it's all interchangable!