to the dungeon with you!

So I'm working at the other hospital now, doing the E911 thing again. Oh the joy.

The Red Queen and I ended up making a hurried trip to TN due to a family emergency. Things aren't as bad as we thought but time will tell. Funks, the Queen and I are gonna try to get some wrench time in this weekend. I've got to take my manual up to BnC and maybe hit the parts shop for some misc items. I'm gonna try to get a universal brake lever and bar end mirrors. Still no word about my crankcase but I'll ask while I'm at BnC. I got my cam chain and ignition switch in the mail. Now I need to get a good chain breaker so I won't ruin another cam chain. There's lots of little rinky dink stuff I need to buy but I'm waiting to get the engine installed first. I need custom cables made, brake shoes, sprockets, a chain and new tires. I found some kick ass Dual Sport tires by Avon. I believe they're called the Distanzas. Still need to order my brainbucket, sticking with the Simpson GS3-MX. The weather is still flip flopping like mad. Yesterday it was 20-something with snow and ice. Today it's gonna hit the mid 50's. I think Mother Nature needs some meds because she seems to be a bit bipolar. Hahhaa..that's a pun, laugh dammit, it's funny! Probably the best pun you'll hear for the next 5 or 6 years.

back to work...


Surly said...

We used to drive down there and go to Cycle Recycle 2 all the time. Ahhh, 10th street, what a lovely neigborhood. Nothin like hearing "Saahkle paarts - Raaahb" everytime Rob answered the phone.
And then there was fat Danny selling weed and H1 parts out of his garage over in Broadripple. I miss that and dont miss that all at the same time. You post a pic of your Honda once in a while.

red said...

Yup, that guy is a walking library of bike knowledge. He remembers what I "ride" and I only go there once every few months. I forget did you used live in Indy? Not sure who Fat Danny is but he's selling weed and parts in my hood!

The RedQueen likes taking pics of us working so they'll probably be some posted soon.