1 point for UK Media

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It's a damn shame we don't have commercials like this in the US. No one wants to drop that beer or sitcom ad.


Gymi said...

It is a shame. That vid really get's the point across. Just maybe it would cause cagers pay a little more attention when they drive.

Surly said...

That should be played here during EVERY reality show, daytime talk show, and game show. Scary stuff.

sparx said...

I haven't seen that one on tv yet. I think it's a cinema only release. There was a big campaign in the UK in the seventies and early eighties called 'Think once, think twice, think BIKE' which kinda fizzled out as motorcyle ownership went down.

Then, after some bad years with lots of deaths the government started targeting bikers, making out that all accidents were our fault and we needed to get our house in order. Thankfully, recently, the powers have recognised the majority of accidents involving a bike and another vehicle is more often the other vehicles fault and this 'THINK' campaign has taken off.