crashes, kids and parts

Accident video from a Rider's point of view. I'd like to think there would be some road justice if that happened to me. But in all reality, I'd be laying there doing the same thing.

It's ye olde Valentines Day. Tonight the RedQueen and I will be heading down town to Mikado for some tasty Japanese food. After that is .... well.... private.

I'm heading to CRC2 to pick up my sprockets and a few other odds and ends today at lunch. I want to get some hotter coils and a few other things but I'm going to wait until Weds. Spring is creeping in slowly. The birds are returning, high school kids are hiding behind my apt building smoking pot. I don't care about them smoking pot, just don't want them hiding in my fucking hallway rolling blunts, then smoking by my kitchen window. I hate the smell of pot. So, I did what any adult would do, I called the non-emergent police line. I was just gonna ask them to go someplace else but they're wanna be gangsters and I don't patience for that bullshit.

Anywho...breakfast time.

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