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The weather was pretty frosty this weekend. So, the RedQueen and I stayed indoors and watched tons of movies/TV. Since we don't have a real TV, I mean we watched episodes of Bullshit, Dead Like Me and Band of Brothers. Today we saw Final Destination 3, which was worth the $4. It's always worth money to see people get snuffed out in interesting and creative ways. It's late and I'm tired from doing nothing. Next weekend will hopefully pay off with some serioius shop time. Time is ticking by and if I dont' get off my ass and get the rat bike running, it will be spring before I know it. The Funkz and I want to hit this Vintage Show in Ohio, I believe it's in July. I need to get some serious saddle time before I brave my scrawny ass out on the interstate. I've been spending alot of time thinking about gear and the old safety bit. It's made me reconsider helmet choices and even my gloves. Right now, I'm sporting a pair of Icon Super Duty gloves but I'm thinking about dropping them for a pair of gauntlets with better armor. I'm not a gear nazi but the road rash scars on my dad's arms and legs definitly make me think about what I'm gonna ride in. I'm tired and rambling now. If you haven't read it, spend an hour at work and get paid to read up on your helmets. http://motorcyclistonline.com/gearbox/hatz/


Here's a pic of the RedQueen sporting her UTMC shirt:


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