news from BnC

They called Saturday morning and said the crankcase was ready and the tool was complete.  No more smashing my fingers trying to take the locknut off of the sludge trap.  Now I have a real custom locknut socket, something Honda apparetnly never released to the public.  

I won't make be able to pick it up until later this week.  Hopefully I'll get some shop time this weekend and we we can start putting the engine back together.  Then, the all the tuning and settings must be adjusted.  Thankfully, my Honda Manual gives a nice simple step by step walk through for it.  

If it's nice enough and I have enough time, I might even finish up those drums that we started last week.  There isn't much left to do once the engine is in and prepped.  I want to break the carbs down again and clean them out a second time.  Still not sure if I have to sync them or not.  Probably should while I'm going through everything else.  

I do need to take my pipes into a muffler shop, along with one of my spare heads, so they can bend them back to the proper angle.  I'd rather keep my scrambler pipes than drop the $250 for a 2 into 1 pipe.  Still need to get that thermo-wrap and silicon sealer.  

Last Friday, I went through my budget and I'm not sure if I'll be able to make it to Vintage Days.  I'm hoping I can pull OT to get extra cash to fund the trip.  


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