so close!

We got the Dyna installed yesterday, aired up the tires and added some gas. The carbs were leaking pretty bad but we tried to fire it up anyway. The starter chain is skipping but atleast it's not the cam chain! We realized the timing wasn't quite right on the Dyna, so we broke out the test light and got everything set spot on. I cleaned the carbs and let the gaskets sit in PB Blaster for about 30 min. It helped a bit but didn't solve all the leaks.

After we reassembled everything and had the timing squared away, we tried to test start it again. It was trying hard to start but the leaking carbs were hindering the effort. I also noticed the clutch isn't disengaging when the lever is pulled in. Most likely the cable is stretched.

Next week I'll be ordering 2 carb kits, epoxy sealent for the gas tank and maybe a few cables. I knocked the tank against the work bench last week and it caused a leak on the seam. Ooops. But all in all, it was a good day and atleast the bike tried to start.

Here's a few pics of it fully assembled:



We got quite a bit finished up tonight: 

- engine installed
- ignition switch wired
- clutch adjusted
- dyna adjusted (still needs to be wired)
- chain installed
- kick starter and shifter levers installed
- misc other odds and ends

Hopefully tomorrow we'll have the carbs installed, chain tension set and maybe the wiring double checked.  We're doing our best to try to get it ready to test start this weekend.  I still need to buy a battery.  

We installed the engine w/o putting the ground strap on the starter.  We're just going to run it along a different path.  

enough bike ranting for tonight...I'm exhausted.

heat 'em up!

Thank you Mr Exhaust Benderman for fixing my vintage scrambler pipes! Chrome damage was unavoidable but you know how I feel about chrome. Now I just have more of an incentive to buy that header wrap. It cost me $30 to have the pipes bent back, not a bad deal. Another service slip to add to the Frankencycle File. I have all the reciepts from all the parts and work that have been done to the bike. Not that it matters, I don't plan on selling it.

Last night, I told Funkz that if the CL croaks or self detonates when we get it running, I'll be pissed but I've learned alot. If that did happen, I'll just have to find another bike. (Daydreams about the Triumph Scrambler)

The CL has fought me during every step of the rebuild. But I'm detereminded to ressurect it from the dead. In some ways, it's a zombie bike.

Join my daydream:

holy crap!

The engine is now fully reassembled! It took quite a bit of work to make that chain tool work on my bike but now it's good to go. We set the intake and exhaust cam timing but the intake is about 1mm ahead, there seems to be no way to set them both and have the cam chain match up. The valves are adjusted and the freshly painted covers have been installed.

Tonight, I'll be repositioning the Dyna and getting that prepped. We're going to try to finish everything we can on the bike before we install the engine. Assuming I can get my pipes fixed (still off by about 1" because they got dropped), we might be able to do a test start this weekend! If we get it running, I get to learn how to time the Dyna.

Most of the remaining work is pretty basic, chain tension, double check wiring, adjustments here and there and other misc tweaking. I definitly need to get new tires but those will have to wait. The old ones will do for test rides around the storage facility. I'm still thinking about a set of DS tires that are more street than dirt but we'll see what I can afford. If the pipes can't be bent, I'll have to drop the cash for a new set of pipes. Which, I don't want to do for a number of reasons. I like the old school scrambler pipes and I don't have the cash!

more updates to come....


blast off to Jesus!

Last night, I dug out an old camshaft and grabbed the hack saw. It took me a bit but I finally cut the points side off of the shaft after about 20 min of sawing. Then the hunt began for all the bits needed to make a mock Dyna install. I found a spare points housing, spark arrester and lash bolt/nut. It's actually pretty cool. A portable version of my ignition. I'll try to get a pic of it tonight.

A guy on caferacer.net said he just shimmed out the cover 1/4". But I'd like to keep that cover sealed up. I know the Dyna isn't near as sensitive as points but if I can minimize the amount of gunk in there, all the better. Now I'm waiting on my cam chain tool so we can button up the engine. While I have the time, I think I'm gonna paint my engine mounts as well. I painted the stator cover and valve covers. They look pretty cool, it's a low gloss black. Even though it's gonna be nice on Sat, there isn't much I can do at the shop. So I'll hit CRC2, blab with Rob for a bit and then spend the rest of the day with RedQueen.

time for breakfast....


success!  (kinda)

well, i got them to install properly (normal direction, not flipped 180). but i can't get the point mount screws to clear the dyna. can't really grind the pick-ups. plus, in the process of pushing the wiring through, i smoked the rotten rubber seal that was around the factory wires. 

in theory, no oil or fluids should be in that cover, so i'm guessing that seal was just to keep gunk and liquids out of the points assembly. i'll have to figure out a way to plug it.

the worst part is this, the cover won't fit with the dyna installed! so it's back to the parts shop with my spare spark advancer and whole points assembly including the dyna in a mock set up. hopefully they can find something to use or else i'm clueless. 

if that all goes through, it's on to the wiring and finishing the engine!




We got a little bit done in the shop last night. The new blinker was installed, front hub has been straightened, brake adjusted and even did some painting. I used the high temp engine paint on the stator cover and valve covers. It looks pretty cool. We took a long smoke break at work this morning and went to the hardware store. I got washers for the ignition switch and a few for the dyna.

Speaking of the dyna, I'm still trying to get a hold of CRC2. When I ordered the dyna, they rattled off the mods needed to install it. But I didn't get a chance to have them clarify. So, I'm sitting here mashing the redial button over and over again. I'd like to get it installed tonight and maybe do a little work on the wiring as well. Not sure what else I can do. I still need that damn masterlink, but it's a press fit style. Rumor has it I'll have to get another chain tool to press the plate on. But I can't seem to find one that is made for cam chains, not drive chains.



the challenge continues

Funkz and I actually managed to get our asses to the shop by about 9:15am on Sat. He finally got his oil filter bolt cut out and the cup pulled. So, we headed down to CRC2 to get his parts. I grabbed a Haynes manual for my bike since my other one was stolen by gremlins. By the time we got back to the apartment, the RedQueen had just got home from work. She has a buggered tooth and it's giving her some wicked headaches. All 3 of us got some lunch and waited for the mailman to arrive. Finally, the USPS blessed me with my package from CRC2. The contents: 1 Dyna Ignition but no cam chain master link!

Since RQ wasn't feeling well, I skipped the afternoon at the shop and hungout with her. Before bed that night, I had one of those "holy shit!" moments. I remembered I have a spare cam chain someplace in the shop. I'll be hitting the shop after work all week. It's going to be in the high 60s and the 70s on the weekend. The weather is beautiful, my bike is still in pieces, I've got my gear and my permit. It's driving me nuts...



Last night Funkz and I pulled the head and I removed the intake cam and all the hardware. Luckily, I noticed the intake valves weren't seated very well from the rebuild. So, a tap with the rubber hammer solved that. A day of brainstorming gave me the idea to manually rotate the exhaust cam. Using an old cam chain, I rotated the cam while Funkz held down the head. We got it spot on, then installed the intake cam. Both are aligned properly. We'll be hitting the shop again tonight, then a long day on Saturday.

The whole gummed up crankcase and difficulty setting the alignment is actually a blessing in disguise. If it wasn't for that, I never would have noticed those valves weren't seated. Imagine the damage!

Hopefully my Dyna ingition will be here soon and I really need that master link. I'm thinking about dropping the cash for the Dyna coils. Might as well upgrade it all while I'm at it! Anyone have experience with those? I've also heard that certain car coils will work but I haven't found any hard evidence.


the battle against valve springs

I went to the shop last night in hopes of getting something done before Sat. The brakes are now assembled and the tires are back on the bike. I also got the headlight bucket installed. So, I decided to try to time the cams myself. The intake cam is spot on but the exhaust cam isn't even close! Somehow, I have to compress the valve spring inorder to get the cam and bearing marks lined up. I've tried lowering the lash adjusters but it still doesn't give enough room.

Needless to say, I'm not scared of pulling the head apart anymore. I had the cams out and the rocker arms. So, I guess I learned something out of all the frustration. It's time to call Rob at CRC2 and order my electronic ignition. No more points for me. Plus, I bought a cam chain from them but it didn't come with a master link. Since he's the walking encyclopedia of bike knowledge, he might have some insight into my valve issue.

Funks and I will be hitting the shop again tonight, for about 2 hours. Maybe even Friday night as well. If I want my bike running ASAP, I'm gonna have to get off my lazy ass and put in the time besides Saturdays. Winter is gone and the weather is getting nice. No more half-assing. I also finally hit the BMV and got my permit.

back to work.....


one of those days....

Saturday we hit the shop around noon. The RedQueen and I cleaned up the shop a bit until Funkz got there. Then we started assembling the engine, setting ring gaps and etc. Then the cam chain gave us trouble. At first had a kink some place which made us lose a link. Then we pulled it and ran it again. But it wouldn't catch on the crank. Finally after fighting the damn thing for about 40 min, we took a break. Pushed out stripper bike (the EX500) and pushed each other around for a bit. Got her up into 3rd and she turned over pretty smooth. We're still trying to figure out what to do with it.

After playing around and ingesting some tasty pizza, it was back to work. We finally got the damn chain installed. Then I couldn't find the section in my manual for presetting the cams after a rebuild. So, we did it by setting the left piston to TDC and the rest was just pure brain power. After we got it set, the rocker arm gapped and the covers installed, Funkz found the section of the manual we needed. By that time, it was getting late and we were all tired and frustrated.

This weekend, we're starting at 9 am. We will have the engine installed and set. But we need to reassemble the brakes and put the wheels back on. Then we'll get the new headlight bucket installed and double check the wiring connections. We plan on putting in a long day, maybe squeeze in a few hours during the week if possible.

I redid my finances today and figured out that I'll have money for Vintage Days if I jumble around some bills. Hopefully we'll have enough to get RQ a bike. I imagine they'll be a few at the swap meet.

yeah...back to work.


(I hope to get some pics taken next week so you can see the progress)