holy crap!

The engine is now fully reassembled! It took quite a bit of work to make that chain tool work on my bike but now it's good to go. We set the intake and exhaust cam timing but the intake is about 1mm ahead, there seems to be no way to set them both and have the cam chain match up. The valves are adjusted and the freshly painted covers have been installed.

Tonight, I'll be repositioning the Dyna and getting that prepped. We're going to try to finish everything we can on the bike before we install the engine. Assuming I can get my pipes fixed (still off by about 1" because they got dropped), we might be able to do a test start this weekend! If we get it running, I get to learn how to time the Dyna.

Most of the remaining work is pretty basic, chain tension, double check wiring, adjustments here and there and other misc tweaking. I definitly need to get new tires but those will have to wait. The old ones will do for test rides around the storage facility. I'm still thinking about a set of DS tires that are more street than dirt but we'll see what I can afford. If the pipes can't be bent, I'll have to drop the cash for a new set of pipes. Which, I don't want to do for a number of reasons. I like the old school scrambler pipes and I don't have the cash!

more updates to come....

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Anonymous said...

congrats on the engine assembly! you'll be tearing up the streets by summer. =]