so close!

We got the Dyna installed yesterday, aired up the tires and added some gas. The carbs were leaking pretty bad but we tried to fire it up anyway. The starter chain is skipping but atleast it's not the cam chain! We realized the timing wasn't quite right on the Dyna, so we broke out the test light and got everything set spot on. I cleaned the carbs and let the gaskets sit in PB Blaster for about 30 min. It helped a bit but didn't solve all the leaks.

After we reassembled everything and had the timing squared away, we tried to test start it again. It was trying hard to start but the leaking carbs were hindering the effort. I also noticed the clutch isn't disengaging when the lever is pulled in. Most likely the cable is stretched.

Next week I'll be ordering 2 carb kits, epoxy sealent for the gas tank and maybe a few cables. I knocked the tank against the work bench last week and it caused a leak on the seam. Ooops. But all in all, it was a good day and atleast the bike tried to start.

Here's a few pics of it fully assembled:


Lucky said...

Hot Damn! That is one fine-looking machine!

red said...

thanks! now I just gotta get it road worthy.

Gymi said...

She looks great Red, you'll be on the road in no time.

red said...

Thanks Gymi, I'm shopping for tires next week. Trying to keep the DualSport look with the tires as well. The carb kits are delayed due to bills. Stupid responsibility getting in the way of fun!

haphazard said...

vrrrrooom, vrrrooom! ;)