i'm watching you....

I added "Site Meter" to my blog and it's interesting to see how people find their way to my blog. Today a person from the DOT was on my site looking for info on gummed up clutches. Pretty cool.

In other news,

We hit the shop last night and got some serious work done. I dismantled both carbs, cleaned them out and scraped off the old gaskets. Two cans of carb cleaner later, I had freshly rebuilt carbs! Then we mixed up the epoxy goop to seal my gas tank. I never thought silly putty would be part of my tool box. We used it to plug the outlets and seal up the leaking seam. Hopefully there's a nice thick layer of epoxy hardening inside my tank right now.

I'm still shopping around the net for tires. I've found two different bridgestone tires that I'm interested in. I really wanted those Avon Distanzias but they don't make them in the size I need. A local shop suggested I go with the Bridgestone TW series but they seem to be a little to offroad. I'd like to be able to ride in the rain but I don't know if I could trust such a knobby tire. The other set I'm pondering are the S11 Spitfires. They have a nice vintage look but aren't DS tires. I don't plan on doing much trail riding but I'd like to keep the scrambler look.

Tonight we're putting Funkz new cross-drilled rotors on and prepping my bike for the clutch work on Saturday. Hopefully it's just a matter of adjustment.


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