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This Sunday, Mike is bringing down the Norton and with any luck, we'll have it's tranny installed and functioning properly. He's also bringing down the CL350 so I can do some wrenching on it over the winter. I'll have to get a pic of the 350 and 450 next to each other. They'll look like long lost siblings or at least step-siblings.

If all goes well, we might venture out in the December air for a quick ride. It all depends on the temperature and conditions. I've never done any cold weather riding, so I'm applying my camping/backpacking techniques for keeping warm. I'm pretty cold blooded by nature, so staying completely warm is pretty difficult. I picked up a helmet liner that doubles as a balaclava. Not to be confused the tasty Greek dessert, baklava. I think with that, a fleece scarf, my riding jacket, jeans, insulation layers and gloves, I should be ok. Man that's a lot of commas...

Any winter riding tips?

In nonriding news, most of my Christmas shopping is done. I still have a few select things to buy for my Mom and Dad. Not sure what I'm getting her but something black and orange for the HD store will please my Dad. He's a Harley rider but loves anything with two wheels (except sport bikes). The RedQueen has quite a few surprises coming her way. Might even top last years gift. Last year I picked up a decent Martin guitar for her since she loves to play but doesn't have a guitar.

Well... time to skip out of work early!

bundle up and stay safe if you're braving the winter roads!

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