better late than never!

So, I'm an idiot and never posted wedding pictures from last year. I thought I did but I was wrong. Here are just a select few:

2007-05-26 at 16-47-46

2007-05-26 at 12-30-26

2007-05-26 at 16-19-42

2007-05-26 at 16-22-56

2007-05-26 at 17-18-30

2007-05-26 at 18-22-48

2007-05-26 at 18-51-52

2007-05-26 at 18-58-34

2007-05-26 at 17-26-08


Anonymous said...

Much better i think.
BTW, You're so handsome! Hope your wife doesn't mind that I give you a compliment. Oh...and that wedding cake topper is tops!

<3 RQ

red said...

Heheh! Thanks babe, you looked amazing on our wedding day. I'm surprised the cake topper has survived this long!


Breda said...

very cool cake!