The CB350 fired up yesterday! We had some gas leaks due to a cracked overflow tube but a bit of tiny fuel line fixed that. I reset the timing but it still needs some fine tuning as do the carbs. But it runs well enough to zip around the neighborhood. I put about 10 miles on it. Good stuff! Now I need some new tubes and tires. Plus a visit to the BMV to make it all legal.

Looks like I'll make it for Ride to Work Day this year!


Ride Fast said...

Congrats! I owned two 305's but skipped the 350's and went Kawi triple instead. Those 350's are damn near bullet proof.

red said...

It's a great little bike, no wonder Honda sold a ton of them. It's been a good teaching aid too. I'm learning all kinds of things, especially with the timing and points.

I won't make it for ride to work day, unless I want to do it illegally.