I miss Alaska...

Palin's press release.

The Mrs was asking me about Alaska while we were playing with the puppers in the snow. If you haven't been there (Alaska, not the field where we take the dog), go before you die. It's amazing and you'll leave a piece of your heart there when you leave.

One of my best memories from my short stay there was wandering around at night smoking and I got the "something is different" feeling. I looked up and the sky was full of pulsating green stripes of the Northern Lights (they deserve to be capitalized). The small display I saw was nothing compared to pictures I've seen.

We often talk about moving to Montana, if it doesn't capture part of my heart like Alaska did, then I'll be disappointed.

H/T to Sebastian


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Anonymous said...

My Daughter is Stationed in Montana,, this coming year I will go visit her for a couple weeks,, since I am a Floridian,, (as is she) this will be quite the adventure,, she has been there for a year already,, and loves it,,but inevitably hates the transition from summer to deep freeze,, I think I may just leave a piece of my heart there as well.
Merry Christmas