the sickness...

The wood burning sickness is in full swing. I had my first stack collapse last night. Need to rebuild it tonight and make room in the garage for the seasoned wood.


Grumpyunk said...

What are you burning that in, woodstove ,fireplace?

We've been wanting a stove here, but just can't swing it dollarwise yet.
The installation and piping is more than a good stove. We'll get there eventually.

Grumpyunk said...

Ok, I should have kept going down the page to get that answer. Duh.

red said...

We have some Oak and Mulberry seasoning for next year and we have some mixed hardwood that's ready. I think we'll need about 3 more ricks to get through the winter.

Look on craigslist for a used stove (firebrick lined) and you can save some money. We got ours from a coworker and had to refinish it and replace all the gaskets and glass.

The piping is definitely more than a stove but I'm not brave enough to do it myself!

Ride Fast said...

[...] Rebranding [...]

I ratted you out ;-p