changing direction


Originally, this "blog" was about motorcycles. Then that faded and it focused on guns and misc stuff. Soon, I'm going to bring back the motorsickle content and steer things in that direction. I also plan on incorporating some crazy Japanese content. My stepfather is from Japan and I'm starting to really dig my new "step" culture. Oh man do I want to ride the streets of Tokyo!

In exchange for wiring repairs and some other upgrades to a friends bike, I'm being paid in the form of a CB750 SOHC. Needs plenty of work but I'm looking forward to it. I've started on the project bike but like an idiot, I haven't taken a single picture. I'll try to remedy that this weekend.

You might see some layout changes, link changes and I'm going to kill the "paleo blog" I started. I'm still following the diet (for the most part) and working out but I can barely keep up with this blog, I don't need a second.

*image from the 555


Grumpyunk said...

Hey Red! A 750 project bike is just what a guy needs.

Good to see ya posting. YerUnk

red said...

Funds are tight so it might not be on the road this year, while it's down might as well do it right.

The 750 is a great bike a bit bigger than I like but that's just 'cause I'm a small guy. Rode one off and on last year, amazing design for being 41 years old.