Got the shop computer up and running tonight and even found an old digital camera to keep out here. So, now I have no excuse for not taking pictures and making posts about garage time. A few pics from tonight:

I might be ordering my parts this week. Should be getting my bronze bushings, stem / wheel bearings and fork boots. That should be enough to start piecing the frame back together. I need to clean up the swing arm pivot rod to see if it's salvageable or not. I'm trying to keep this project on the cheap and reuse as many parts as possible. The forks had some bad corrosion on the upper area, behind the steam ears. But that buffed out and got a layer of protective grease to keep it from coming back.


Gymi said...

Man that motor looks great Red, can't wait to see the finished product.


red said...

Thanks! Wish it was mine. It's going in my buddy's land speed racing bike. It's gonna be one helluva scoot!

My motor doesn't look 1/10th as good. It has some nasty "crinkle" finish paint all over it. =(