assembly complete (for the most part)

Still have a few gremlins to sort out. Unfortunately, we didn't get to hear it fire up today. Won't have another shop day until next weekend. But progress has been made.


glimpse of things to come....

Just a quick mock-up with the tank and seat. Still have plenty of wiring to finish up, put the coils on and then we should be able to do some test runs. =]

Funky is starting to get giddy!



quick pics

We installed the engine last weekend. The top bars are in and the new wiring is 90% complete. Tonight we're going to button up the front end and I'll try to get some pics up.


real updates coming soon....

Been busy around here lately. We've made some progress on the Land Speed bike, I'll try to get pics up. My 750 is on the back burner, too many things to work on right now. The 77 CB750 is a few steps closer to being ready to sell. I even worked on my truck yesterday. Busy busy...