cookin' in the sun, freezin' at night

I've been riding to work the last couple of days. Chilly in the morning, 70 by midday! The main reason I've been riding (I'm ashamed to admit) is because the waterpump in my truck decided to start peeing coolant all over the place Tuesday afternoon. Limped it home and started wrenching that night. Had to call it a night when I could see my breath in the flashlight beam.

Rode the scoot to work Thursday. After work, I strapped a milk crate on the back to haul home my water pump and anti-freeze. This would have been fine but I'm also on-call for work. So, in addition to my cargo, I was also carrying my laptop, work tools, and all the liners/layers from my morning commute in my backpack. I felt like a cramped pack mule. The load shifted my riding position forward quite a bit and made the ride pretty crappy.

Got the pump swapped out last night and had to research how to bleed the stupid closed cooling system. What a messy job.

Taking the truck tomorrow, need to give it a good test run.

In addition to the waterpump, I ordered parts for my Remington 597 and realized I lost a set screw for the guide rods! Ugh... After a bit of shopping, I found the right size by trial and error. (Remington doesn't list the size/pitch.) If anyone needs set screws, I gotta ton!

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