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Can $40 buy a unique and useful 22lr pistol?

Charter Arms Explorer II
22lr w/ 8" barrel

A friend of my Grandfather is selling off a lot of his collection. He showed this to my Grandfather and offered to sell it on the cheap. It's never been fired, has a broken rear sight and doesn't really seem to want to feed. All the guts were pretty nasty, so I gave it a good once over and it's cycling better but I have yet to attack the feed issue. We're going to put a slight bevel (or chamfer) on the bottom of the chamber and see how that does. It won't be some Bubba gunsmith job. My Grandfather is a retired Naval Machinist, so it will be done right.

The Explorer is one of the ugliest guns I have ever seen. Like some Third World Mauser made out of plumbing parts. But it's also pretty unique and very light. With the 8" barrel and big boxy body, you'd think it wouldn't point well. I believe the body and barrel body are all made out of aluminium. Plus, you can store a spare magazine in the grip. Should make a good little truck gun. It might even get thrown in my camping pack.

The internals and magazines are all interchangeable with the AR7 style rifles. So spare parts are available of the InterToobs. It was also the basis for the Buck Rogers gun!


Gymi said...

I got a thing about small caliber pistols. I would take that deal in a heartbeat.

Grumpyunk said...

Oh hell yes. Anytime you can buy a firearm for $40 that actually works (and sometimes it's ok if it doesn't) and won't blow up in your face, do it.

I'd buy that pistol just for the looks.

I bought a Mosin M91 for $40 bucks awhile back. The moron fired a ton of corrosive ammo through it and didn't clean it. Crapped the barrel out bad. It shoots though and is a good parts gun if something goes bad on 1 of my other Mosin's.

Roberta X said...

Yes -- but: machinst or not, don't let 'em machine nuthin'. Clean it, lubricate it and see how it works and if it doesn't, then think about mods.

Most mass-produced gun designs actually do work. Weak springs (Wolf makes springs for nearly everything, BTW), crummy magazines and grime are the commonest reasons for failures. Manufacturing defects can be a source of trouble, too.

Talk to Tam for specific advice. Carving on the chamber of a firearm is a bad plan and usually results in a jammomatic.

NotClauswitz said...

Ugly is in the eyes, but Buck Rogers is forever! Add some fins and a tail-light, have some fun!

Anonymous said...

looks like Han Solo's blaster, no?