Moto Fun Day!

We took the CB970 in to be run on the Dyno. The results should be back
later this week. After the drop off, we ran to the Ducati Dealership and
drooled over some fine Italian motorcycles. They were all pretty damn snazzy.

We met the owner of the dealership and talked to him for quite some time. I never knew we had track day training classes locally. The price seems pretty fair too, $160 for a single day, $250 for two. That's something I'd definitely like to take part in. He also told us about a few bike nights around town that we had never heard of before. I think in the past, I've been too blind when viewing the motorcycling population in my town. While we are overpopulated with squids, "bikers" and cooler than you guys, we seem to have a hidden section of regular riders and touring guys.

I have to admit, I really do prefer the BMW, Triumph and Ducati dealerships over the others. It's different inside. No skulls, flames or bad metal music. Sit back, have a cup of coffee and watch a race on TV or wander around and drool over bikes. Sign up for ride days, try on gear you can't afford. It's cool.

I know they're selling that "vibe" and I'm a willing customer.

Out of all the Ducs I saw, nothing has dethroned the F800GS from the most wanted list:

The GS is also tied with F800ST

and of course the K75s

Crap... I'm think there's a pattern going on here.


Grumpyunk said...

I really like the 800 and if I had a LOT of extra cash laying around that would be a cool bike to see in my garage.

There's a lot worse things in life that a guy could become than a BMW fanatic. Most of them I've known have been pretty damn interesting guys.

red said...

Thankfully, by the time I could afford the GS, there should be plenty of used and beat up ones on the market!

A $13k bike isn't something that will be gracing my garage anytime in the near future.

DirtCrashr said...

If I had the cash laying around burning a hole in the lawn for a street-moto I'd go for the big and insane KTM 990 twin.
Otherwise I'd like something light that won't tear me a new groin off-road when I go to dab. I like two-strokes because they don't weigh as much and light-up easy, but the trend has been to "diesel" 4-stroke bikes to supplicate the Enviroweeenies.
So I guess I'll keep my 300 and not worry about a street license when there's an earthquake...