dirty old bowls

Did some more in-depth testing. Cylinder 1 is dry, all four plugs have a good spark. So, I pulled the carb bank and the bowls are full of nasty brown filth. Time for an over haul. While I'm at it, I'm going to replace all the vacuum lines.

Taking a break for lunch, I'll post more details and pics later.

*update but no pics yet*

Before pulling the carbs, cylinder 1 was dry (no gas). With the bike running, pulling the plug wire for #1 caused no change. Pulled the carbs, all 4 had dirty bowls and all four had gas. Why wasn't #1 getting fuel?

Noticed the previous owner drilled out the brass plugs that cover the mixture screws (EPA regulation bs) and the mixture screw was seated all the way down. Unfortunately, when they drilled out #2, they also drilled off part of the head of the screw. Ugh.

I'm going to do a 2nd cleaning on the carbs and see if I can get that mixture screw backed out and replaced. Yay, carb work, my favorite!

To sum up yesterday:

1. Got the hoist system installed using eye-bolts and rafters.
2. Started the day with a running bike, ended it with more problems.
3. Got gas in my eyes.
4. Had a nice vapor headache by the time I was done.

Oh yeah, I quit smoking too.


Gymi said...

Congrats on quitting, keep on quitting!!!!

red said...

Thanks Gymi. It's not easy but the worst part is half over. The first 3 days are hell after that, it's just adjusting to the change.

brandimengel said...
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Surly said...

Sorry about the deleted comment, I was signed in as the wife. Anyway...
I sprayed Gumout into a carb bowl once and it came right back up and into my eye. Hurts like a motherf#*$er doesn't it? Now you will remember to wear your safety glasses when doing carb work, right?

red said...

No worries. Yeah, I normally wear them but it was a case of the "one last thing to try" so I wasn't thinking properly.