new range toy!

I set out on Sunday with the Mrs to shop for a new carry gun. I had a few ideas of what I wanted but couldn't settle on anything. I looked at PF9s, a Taurus 85 and a few others but nothing jumped out at me except a used P22. I've been wanting a fun 22lr that's light enough to throw in with my camping gear for solo trips and I think the P22 fits the bill.

It's got some scratches and a bit of wear but nothing I'm worried about. The front site is going to get replaced with a red fiber optic once they're back in stock. Need to track down some mags too. Plus, it has a GemTech adapter, so I guess I'll have to get a can for it now. =]

This weekend, we're going to the MCFG range to test it out. Plus, the Mrs needs to put some rounds through the .357 snubbie since she will have her carry permit in a few weeks. I plan on joining MCFG in March it will be nice to finally be a member and the Mrs and I can shoot on our own schedule (to some extent).

Range report to follow.

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