40th BMW MOA Rally

While Gymi and Surly were at Vintage Days, I was tearing across the Midwest in my Honda box with my wife and my riding buddy, Wheels. We were headed to Sedalia, MO to attend the BMW Rally. Lame, I know, driving to a motorcycle rally. Well, it's for a good reason. Wheels, is partially dependent on a wheelchair and hasn't found a good way to carry his chair on his F800GS, so we drove. (For the record, I did not give him that nickname.)

I'll let the pics speak for themselves. Oh, the odometer pic is correct. 480k miles on an R1100GS. The owner is from Central America and does tours all over the world. I spoke to him briefly but he was setting up his vendor booth and I was probably wasting his time/money. He was a cool guy and I bet he has a ton of interesting stories.


BeemerGirl said...

Hmmm...a sidecar for Wheel's wheels? ;)

Though I have seen them strapped to the rear seat/fender.

How was the weather? Was it blazing hot or comfortable?

red said...

He's been thinking about that but his chair is pretty compact and would probably work well on a modified bicycle carrier.

The weather was actually perfect.