Goodbye Yamaha, hello McMark!

I delivered the SECA to it's new home last night. Glad to have the room but I'm more happy to get a friend back into riding. If you look to your upper right, you'll see a new name under "Contributors", McMark. He is the proud new owner of my SECA II and will start writing on here as well. I imagine he'll post some sort of introduction in the coming weeks.

In February, we'll be heading to a whole cluster of moto related events. The International Motorcycle Show, Dealer Expo and the Indiana Motorcycle Expo are all happening between Feb 15th and the 24th. It's going to be a busy month. We'll report back about all the awesome moto related goodies.


redQueen said...

So excited McMark is riding!

red said...

Yup! Now, if I can just get back to riding too!