2013 Indiana Motorcycle Expo

ShrewsieQ, our friend John and I attended the 2013 Indiana Motorcycle Expo on 2/22.  Honestly, after two days of the Dealer Expo and the Progressive International Motorcycle Show the previous week, I was a bit expo'd out.  It's a form of torture to see all these great bikes and get new gear but yet still be stuck in the butt end of winter.  Regardless of my tortured soul, John and ShrewsieQ needed to sign up for the ABATE class.

As always, there was a mad rush to get in line for class registration.  Locations filled up quickly, with most people wanting the classes on the north side of town.  After their registrations were squared away, we did a quick lap to check out the sights.  There are always quite a few leather dealers selling chaps, vests and anything else you need if that is your style.  Some of the local dealers were there show casing their new bikes and offering discounted gear.  You can even get giant bags of pork rinds (fitting w/the hog theme), knives, studded leather ladies garments and for some reason, helmets for water-sports.  (Get your mind out of the gutter.)

There was a cool little indoor course set up by ABATE of Indiana that had little 50cc Honda dirt bikes with training wheels.  Parents were walking the very little kids around, while others got to ride solo.  It's good to expose children to the motorcycle illness early on.  Gives them plenty of time to develop good riding habits.

My attention was constantly being drawn away from the modern bikes and the row of customs to the velvet roped section of vintage bikes.

I have a growing love of vintage Harley Davidson motorcycles.  I've always loved vintage, just wasn't too crazy about HD except the board trackers. The V-Twin in my Buell feels better to me than my previous inline 4 but don't expect to see me on a modern Harley anytime soon unless it's a XR1200.

For more great pictures, check out the 520 Chain Cafe.  


Gymi Kroeter said...

That XR750 hill climber is outrageous.

red said...

I bet it's one hell of a ride!

anelina martin said...
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