Brake Light Strobe Module: LSC-100A from SuperBrightLEDs.com

The Ulysses has a nice and bright LED tail/brake light.  However, that doesn't seem to stop people from ignoring the blast of red light into their smartphone numbed eyes.  After a recent close call with a lady in a BMW land yacht on my way to work, I decided that I needed to make my brake light more noticeable.

After some quick web browsing, I found a few different solutions ranging in price from $4.95 to $39.99.  Being on the cheap, I mean frugal, I went with the $4.95 option from SuperBrightLEDs.  The LSC-100A flashes 4 times within 0.4 seconds, followed by 4 more flashes within 2.6 seconds followed by constant light until the brake pedal/lever is released.

There are other modules that flash different patterns but this seemed to be best for what I was looking for.  The module itself is small, about the size of 2 x AA batteries.  

Following the factory lighting wiring diagram, I tracked down the R/Y wire (the Orange wire feeds the tail light).  When I split the harness, I found the two R/Y wires (wait two? yes, two), cut them and soldered the module in place.  The red wire on the side with the ground is connected to the power feed, the single red wire goes to the brake light.  I crimped a ring connector to the ground and connected it to the negative battery terminal.  With the R/Y wires soldered together, it was time to test before wrapping it up.  With a successful test, I covered the wires in heat shrink tubing and then wrapped the harness in adhesive free wrap.  

Total installation time, about 20 minutes.  

(Stock pictures of the LSC-100A are property of SuperBrightLEDs.com)


red said...

After putting some miles on the LSC-100A, I've noticed fewer people seem to be riding my butt when I slow down. But as every rider knows, that could just be coincidence.

I think I'm going to order one for the third brake light on my car.

Anonymous said...

Oh i love SuperBrightLEDs.com and their motion sensor led floodlights. they look pretty professional and have high impression in google.