Good Customer Service is hard to find and so are good gloves.

Good fitting gloves are tough for me to find.  Most are too loose or have short fingers.  During the holidays, I spotted some nice looking leather work gloves that looked thick enough for some light motorcycle riding but yet thin enough to actually be useful as work gloves. They're made by a company called Stone Breaker.  I passed them up a few times because I've bought a lot of crappy gloves in the past and didn't want to make that mistake again.

Finally, I decided to pick them up but they were down to one last pair of Mediums.  The index finger on the right glove is twisted counter clockwise but I bought them anyway.  I was browsing around the SB website and found their quality guarantee.  So I sent an email to the customer service team asking if they could be repaired or swapped out for a new pair.  One of the CS Reps emailed me back, apologizing for the issue and wanted to know where to send my new pair of gloves!

Really?   I really didn't expect that response!

I just read that the CS Rep I was corresponding to is actually the owner of the company.  Very cool!

Once the weather breaks and I get back to working in the garage and around the house, I'll post a long term review on the Rancher gloves.


NotClauswitz said...

Those look nice, now that I'm kinda-sorta bike-shopping I'll need gloves - but with long pointy fingers I always blow-out the first and second tip in short order...

red said...

Check out Rev It's gloves. They fit my hands well, unlike most of the other brands.

Good to see you posting again. What bikes are you eyeing?

NotClauswitz said...

Thanks for the tip! We move to the gateway to the Sierras and it turns out Moto Bro'In-Law has a BMW RT - so we're looking at something similar, like what we rode around on in Europe...Not a 'Wing or a 'Glide.
But I like lightweight! Still have the Mighty KTM 300 for off-road, but need to find some riding buddies of advanced age like me!

red said...

Not sure what your price range is but have you checked out the KTM 990 SMT?

I got to put my butt on one last year at the Progressive IMS. It was pretty damn nice. Felt like a high tech version of the Ulysses. That would be another good one, just get an 08 or 09. =]