Pilot Motosport Breeze Blocker Review

As I mentioned in the previous post, I recently took a nice 5 day motorcycle trip.  The temps ranged from the low 40s to the high 70s.  When the mercury dropped or the wind was cold, I needed an additional layer without restricting my arms, so I added the Breeze Blocker by Pilot Motosport.

The Breeze Blocker has a REISSA  breathable waterproof layer sandwiched between a windproof Pilotex 330D front and a insulating fleece back.  The combo worked out great!  The collar tightened down snug, without feeling like I was being choked.  It came up high enough that I didn't need to add a neck gaiter.  By keeping my arms free from another layer, it kept my movement unrestricted and left dead air for insulation.

The windproof and fleece layers kept me warm while the breathable layer kept me from getting soggy.  It rolls up and packs well, easy to toss in your tank bag. If you're a cold weather rider or if you wear mesh gear and want to keep your torso warm on frosty mornings, this would be a good option.  For $35, it's a good investment in your riding comfort.

The Breeze Blocker was generously provided by Pilot MotoSport. for our review.

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