mission complete

The Queen and I dropped off the crankcase to BnC. They're gonna check through it, clean it up and possibly build me a 16mm locknut socket. This mythical socket is required to change my poor excuse for an oil filtration system, ye olde centrifical sludge trap. Many hours of searching has yielded no sources for such a socket. I was going to have my grandfather make one since he's the head machinist but he's being forced into early retirement. So that's a bust but maybe BnC can make one. Probably cost me an pretty penny but I'll need it.

I think the crankcase might be done in a few weeks. To bad I'm being transfered to a different hospital. Now, I can't skip lunch and leave a little early to pick it up when it's ready. I'll have to do it on a Saturday. I'm not happy about going to the East hospital but I'm a contractor so I have no choice but to obey. Plus it's why they hired me on. Time to build another 10,000+ phone number database with location and user info. Oh the joy! Last one took me about 7 months, I hope this goes much much faster. I'm trying to get the boss to assign someone to help me with the project so I can get my scrawny ass back to the North hospital. Anywho, enough of this, time for breakfast.

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