Project CBR600F: Hints from the Moto Gods

 Well, I found the source of my oil leak, in addition to the split timing plug. 

Pulling the clutch cover involves draining the oil, and since it appears the thermostatic switch (radiator temp sensor) is also bad, I need to drain the coolant.  I replaced the fan as mentioned previously, and got the temp up to >210 degrees, no fan.  But when I ground the wire from the thermostatic switch to the radiator, the fan runs, so bad switch. 

I get it, I get it, all signs point to pulling the engine.

To Do List: 

1. Degrease

2. Replace Valve Cover Gasket

3. Check Valve Clearance

4. Replace old coolant hoses and clamps

5. Replace Thermostat (just because)

6. Check Countershaft Seal

7. And so on... 

I did trim down the handguards, took all of 10 minutes. 

So, the 2023 riding season is officially over for me.  I think I logged maybe 100 miles. Better than none I guess. 

Stay safe out there. 


Project CBR600F: Blowin' in the Wind

 After trying a couple of different fans from Amazon (I didn't want to buy a used fan from eBay), I finally found one that fit perfectly, but did require a little bracket to mount.  

Ready to reassemble the rest of the bike, and hook up the test tank to, uh, well, test once the bike gets up to temp. 

Stay safe out there.  


Project CBR600F: Fallin' like the Berlin Wall *UPDATES*

 Some days, the universe gives you little hints that your day won't go as planned.  Others, it smacks you in the face and says in a stern voice, "NOT TODAY.".   Well, Wednesday was the latter of the two. 

Gravity tested, working as designed.

Behold my feat of strength! 

Free shorty lever!

$20 later, good as new.

With the new lever on, I realized my handguard was too bent.  To be honest, these dual mount guards have been a pain since day one. The angles are all wrong with my big switch sets, and long levers.  So, instead of dropping $100 on a single sided mount style, I gonna make my own. 

Surgeon, cut here.

When I get some garage time again, and it's not 150 degrees outside with 200% humidity, I'm gonna cut 'em down to size and mount them back.  

Stay safe, and hydrated out there. 


Took the bike out on a quick errand today, once it was up to temp, it ran great.  Picked up my groceries, and decided to take the fun way home.  I noticed my foot was slipping off my brake lever a few times but figured it was bad body position due to barely riding this year, or something on my boot.  

Pulled into the garage, to let the bike run the carbs dry since I don't know when I'll be riding again.  When I shut the bike down, there was a clunk and lots of gurgling.  I looked at the temp gauge, it was at 255 degrees! Then looked at my boot, it was coated in oil.  

So, I have two problems. 

1. My cooling fan isn't running. 

    a. The wiring got pulled/damaged when I was working on my headlight. 

            Check all wiring and connections.

                    Wiring was fine, but I did find some leftover wired bits from the switched circuit the

                    previous owner made.  Repaired the harness.

    b. The temp sensor got damaged (not sure how, it's on the left side).

            Test sensor.

                    Sensor is fine.

    c. The fan assembly itself is damaged.

            Test fan with power for functionality.

                Fan ran once with direct power, then never again.  Looking for more universal replacement.

2. Revenge of the oil leak, this time with spray action!

    a. Crack in the right crankcase cover.

            Close! The timing inspection plug was cracked.  It has been replaced.

    b. Damaged or loosened timing cover bolts.

    c. Bent side cover, and/or damaged gasket. 

            Speaking of damaged gaskets and leaks, I think it's finally time to just pull the engine, degrease,             and replace all the gaskets and seals, as well as the hoses.  No more leaky bikes.

The fun never stops! 

            Neither does the learning! 


Project CBR600F: Neon Nights

 Back in the early days of this build, a guy on the F@cebook Hurricane Group posted a vintage 80s Lockhart windscreen for sale, it was neon pink and I had to have it.  The price was a bit salty but man, it was like concentrated 80s.  I tried to come up with ways to mount it but eventually gave up and just decided to stash it for later.  

Well, today is later.  I printed up some TPU (flexible filament) spacers, ordered longer bolts and decided to just freaking do it already.  I was worried about getting the mounting holes lined up so, so I pulled the black fly screen, centered it as best I could, and clamped the two together.  I should have taken pictures, but I get excited and want to finish the work.  

I used a hot pick and made pilot holes, even starting with a small drill bit, I had some chipping on the screen.  Thankfully most of it is covered by the bolt caps, hopefully the cracks don't get worse. 

Behold the cherry on top of my Cyberpunk style Hurricane: 

I'm currently printing some taller spacers to test, with a higher infill so the don't crumple.  Probably need to get some shorter bolts too.  We'll see. 

The pictures make it look more orange, but I promise you, it is very very pink. Now, I need to get back to the idea of making a new warning light cluster, using an LCD panel and Arduino with some cool animations, but that's going to take a lot of time. 

Stay safe out there. 


I printed a different sized spacers, taller on top works better.


Project CBR600F: Eviction Day!


No mice were harmed in the making of this film!

I took the bike out for a quick spin, and at surface street speeds, the jetting still feels fine.  I hope to get out for more testing tomorrow.  At 40mph, with ear plugs in, and my visor closed, I couldn't hear the exhaust over the wind noise.  I love it. 


Project CBR600F: Quiet your can!

 When I purchased the factory exhaust system last year, I had hoped to have a quieter ride.  Unfortunately, someone had punched out the baffles, so while it was a bit quieter than the Delkevic, it was still loud and posed some jetting challenges.  I finally managed to track down a factory can with baffles, however, once I got it, I noticed some things didn't jive up.  

This new can had a different part number, was about 3-4 inches longer, and the mounting bracket didn't line up.  A quick search turned up that this can is from a CBR600F2, not a Hurricane.  The baffles are in place, so instead of starting a return process, I decided to just see how it goes. Some quick hack saw and drill work, and I had a flat bracket to fix the mount issue.  

Apparently, the junk yard gave my bike a name. I kinda dig it.

Now, I need to get my butt in gear and fix the coolant leak, and valve cover gasket replaced.  I didn't get squat done over the cold months but warmer garage weather is on it's way. 

I still owe a review for the LS2 Challenger helmet, but I also need to put more non interstate miles on it to rule out if my headaches were wind and strain related, or pressure from the size.  

Stay safe out there. 


Project CBR600F: Planning for the cold months.

 Since the Hurricane survived my trip, it's time for neglected maintenance and upgrades.  The basic plan is the following: 

1. Replace leaking valve cover gasket

2. Check Valve Clearance (again, just to be sure)

3. Replace all coolant hoses 

4. Longer Clutch Cable

5. Cam Chain Tension 

6. Oil Change and Carb Drain

7. Progressive Springs

8. Stainless Brake Lines 

9. Factory Muffler w/Baffles intact

I may drop the engine for the valve service and for a good degreasing.  There's a lot of grime built up over the years, and that makes leak tracking very challenging.  The seat may even get rebuilt again, with a harder foam under the closed cell foam I added before the trip.  The heated grips turned out to be a disappointment, when compared to the the Kimpex set I put on my XJ600. I'd like something that incorporates the switch/controls into the left grip, with multiple settings.  

Stay safe out there.