If you have never read anything from Jack Riepe at Twisted Roads, take some time out of your day and do so. He has a way with words that I can only wish for. Sharp wit, fast bikes, booze and misadventures. What more can you ask for?

dreaming of the future...

I love my SECA II, it is a great motorcycle in my opinion. It can cover all my requirements, commuting, fun and touring. But I can't help but dream of the next bike to add to the garage. Something bigger, with fuel injection and a bit more umpfh. I've always liked the underdog, the oddball. I've always liked Buell's styling and innovations. For awhile, I had a thing for the City-X but the "monkey humping a football" seating position isn't for me. Lately, I've been like the more street oriented dual sport bikes such as the V-Strom, Versys and BMW F series.

Now, I've taken a fancy to the Buell XB12x Ulysses. Maybe they'll be nice and cheap when the time comes. =]

Mad max styling, "off-road" capability, belt drive, hydraulic valves and smooth power flow. Sounds good to me!


basking in the warm sun...

The SECA sits in the parking lot, basking in the sun after a long winter full of garage surgery. Patiently waiting for 4pm to arrive.

The carbs still need to be synced since I adjusted the valve shims and I'm still breaking in the new tires. It's nice to have tread in the back and for the tire to not be squared off! Damn kids and their burnouts.

It was a beautiful 60 degrees this morning, slightly overcast and perfect for riding. Threw my riding gear on over my work clothes, clicked on the heated grips and off I went. Every route to my work is under construction, unless I want to take the slab. No thanks.

The new tires rolled over tar snakes, rain grooves and cracks without so much of a hiccup. The old front tire tracked grooves like a heat seeking missle. With new rubber and new heavier weight fork oil up front, the transitions into curves is much smoother. The front end dive I was experiencing is basically gone. The rear shock could use an upgrade(from a CBR600) but that will wait until winter.

I'm happy to be back on two-wheels. Too bad my plans for a trip this year got squashed but that's how life goes. Maybe later in the year?