The 2nd death of Frankencycle

After another couple of days of shop time, we've declared Frankencycle dead. It's not permanent though. I'm putting it on the back burner while we finish RedQueen's CB350. It seems the valves suffered a bit of damage from improper timing. The timing was spot on before the one and only test ride. Rumor has it the 450's used to jump teeth and throw the timing off. Seems to be the case with mine.

So, smoked valves and maybe damaged pistons. The fun just doesn't stop with this project! It's like an abusive relationship. The bike promises to run but never comes through. Meanwhile, I suffer emotional abuse and the occasional busted knuckle.

After the wedding in May, I'll dig into Frankencycle and see what the damage is. Until then it gets to hover in purgatory. Who knows what other projects might come along between now and then. But one thing is certain, I have not given up. I just need a break from this project.


just out of reach.....

We did a few test starts on Sunday but still no luck. The starter is "free wheeling" more often now, so it will need to be replaced. I'm not sure if it can be done with the engine still in the bike...but we'll see. The ignition timing is still giving us fits, so we're pulling the Dyna and taking the whole bike back to stock condition. No more Mikunis, no more Dyna. Surprisingly enough, I still had all the original points hardware (except a few screws). The only part we'll have to modify is the wiring but that's not difficult. Hell, it might still be in the piles of junk in the corner of the shop.

It's getting closer but not close enough. Oh, the left carb is leaking like crazy. Same thing my old carbs did, no clue why it's just the left. They're completely different carbs and even rebuilt.

Any ideas?