Hearth Pad

The hearth pad is done and the wood stove will be installed on the 13th. We built the pad out of 1/2" subflooring, 1/2" cement board and ceramic tile. The trim is a composite, I doubt it will hold up. I'll save the pics of the stove until it's installed. It was rusty and in rough shape when we got it but a some sanding and a few coats of hi-temp paint and it looks great.


specialty "MREs"

I found a vender online that sells kosher MREs. Thankfully, they make GF (gluten free) meals as well. Turns out, the Mrs and I have sensitivities to gluten. I'm still doing the whole "elimination" diet thing but I have my slip ups. As a wanna-be homesteader, this actually kind of works to my advantage.

Over the past year, we've been trying to reduce the amount of prepackaged and processed foods in our diets. Once we get the garden going, we'll have even more control over what we ingest. Plus we want to get a dehydrator and learn to can. Don't think we're going all Mother Earth or Conspiracy Theorist, we just want to eat healthier and avoid all the crap and filler. A poor diet can greatly decrease the amount of fun time you have on this planet.

In addition to eating better, I tried the whole exercise bit but it didn't last. I don't mind running but it's not fun. I hate lifting weights or other "gym" type activities. But I do like splitting, chopping and stacking firewood. So, if you need some trees "taken care of", let us know. I need the exercise and the free firewood.

Anywho, back to the MREs. My Own Meals makes kosher, GF and other specialty MRE style meals. Pretty cool since our stock pile of ramen and other instant noodles is now out of my diet. I'll eat them if I have to but I'd rather not.