beautiful weekend for a crash course

Over the weekend, RedQueen and I completed the MSF Basic Rider Course. It was very educational and a lot of fun. It was great to see people go from barely being able to "power-walk" a bike to completing tight weaves and nice sweeping turns. I was definitely nervous about the class but it all turned out really well. I'll be going to the DMV tomorrow to add the "M" endorsement to by license. RedQueen needs to get her permit and hold it for 30 days before she can get the endorsement. But that will all be taken care of after the wedding which is coming up at the end of May.

In bike news, the Frankencycle is now up at Shorkey's tucked away in the barn with all the other project bikes. I'm not getting rid of it, just don't have the room until we buy a house. Then it will come back home and be a nice winter project. When Shorkey came down to pick up Frankencycle, he brought down the 1977 Yamaha RD400c. It's in great shape but needs the standard tune-up from sitting for so long. I know the oil injector needs to be replaced, along with the fork seals. I can't wait to get that screaming 2 stroke fired up and on the road. But before I get to tear into the RD (no project name yet), we'll finish the 350. I swapped my rear shocks over from the 450 but we still need a tank. The red & white tank was rotted out and didn't fit but my 450 tank is too long. We'll have to search for one that's "just right". I might try to finish up the carbs this weekend, nice easy work that can be done at home.

Last week the mailman brought the fork seals, brake pads and caliper kit. Getting bike parts in the mail is like mini-Christmas, I love it! The piston doesn't need to be replaced but we might as well do it while we've got it apart. After the carbs, forks and brakes, there isn't much left besides tires. Currently the electric start doesn't work but the kick is just fine. Also needs a new set of bars but that can wait until it's up and running. It's gonna be a kick ass scoot. I'm not sure what direction RedQueen is going to take it. Maybe a cafe? Maybe a rat? Stock perhaps, or some mix of the 3?

Here's the new bike: