Project CBR600F: Lighting the way.

Lighting has always been an issue in my current garage. I found some inexpensive LED tube lights that can be daisy-chained, and got them installed over the weekend.  What a difference! I'm going to add two more and that should be perfect. 

Let there be light!

My OEM o-rings finally arrived and I was able to squeeze in some time to rebuild the carbs (again). Realistically, these aren't terrible to break apart and reassemble. 

I decided to roll the dice and not leak test them on the rack.  We'll see if the moto-gods are on my side. 

Carbs in!

Front sprocket = good!

Rear sprocket = good!

Houston, we have a problem. 

This poor bike has had a very rough life; which tends to be the case for old sport bikes. Especially when you find one with no fairings (or in my case, fairings, lights or signals).  I'm going to try to pound out that dent but it may be time for an eBay swing arm.  I also found the chain is way too short, not sure why that's the case unless it was someone counting links incorrectly or maybe just trying to be cheap.  Either way, I have to cut it off and buy a new one. At least the sprockets are good.

Stay tuned...


Project CBR600F: A New Leak

Well... I set the carbs on the rack, hooked up my test tank and opened the valve. And the bowls didn't leak, but the overflows poured fuel all over the place.

So, I drained them and put them back on the bench to double check the float heights.  During the reassembly, I stripped the threads on another body.  Honestly, I'm not ham-fisted and I know how tight to make the bowl screws.  So, I'm starting to wonder if the PO had these cranked down and weakened the aluminum threads.  Hopefully I can use the same remedy as the other body.  

I almost said "screw this whole project" and gave up, but I reassessed the situation and told the quitter voice to sod off.  I found the (overpriced) o-ring sets online and they'll be shipping next week.  I may need to break down both banks of carbs to make a complete set, whatever it takes. 

Once it's roadworthy, I need to address the ergonomics.  There is only so much I can do to modify to help open up the posture.  Some mx bars, risers and dropped foot pegs should help out.  My back and knee may not be tolerant of the sport crouch for very long.