Project CBR600F: Holding water!

On Saturday, it took some time to tackle the coolant leaks. I managed to drain the radiator without making a total mess but what did come out and make it into my bucket was pretty damn gross.  I think this bike has been sitting much longer than the previous owner was led to believe.  Looks like I may need to do a few frequent fluid changes for the coolant, brake fluids and engine oil.

Who likes dark roast radiator fluid?

I replaced the thin factory o-ring on the thermostatic switch with a beefier one and so far, she's holding water.  I replaced the lower hose clamp as there was a slight weep from the hose.  

In other news, my step father has returned from Japan and I am now the proud owner of a real JIS screwdriver.  No more stripped "philips" screws for me. 

I still need to leak test the carbs and fix the slight oil leak at the gen cover.  Making progress.


Project CBR600F: The Cure for Leaky Bowl Syndrome

A few weeks ago, I ordered a set of carb kits from eBay.  They came here via the slow boat from Taiwan (they also came with an extra float needle).  While my family was occupied, I brought in the carb bank and started gutting them.


The job was easy and I'm glad I got the kit, not just the gaskets as several of the float valves were in rough shape and barely finger tight; a few jets were the same. Speaking of tight, I may have over tightened one of the bowl screws and pulled the threads out.  Aluminium threads vs steel bolts.  I managed to find a longer bolt that I made work.  Man, this thing is gonna be a total patch work.

There it is.  Like a sore thumb.

I hope to be able to leak test them this weekend and maybe do a test start.  Well, after I drain the radiator and fix that leak.  I'm hitting the BMV this week to get the title processed.  The bike won't run, but at least it's mine.

Project CBR needs to be fully ironed out and road worthy because I'm planning a trip next fall.  If I hit any major road blocks before then, I might have to track down a newer bike and screw up my expenses by buying something that isn't a total basket case.

I sure would like a DR650se or even a CB500x, either would be a fine addition to the garage.  Not that I'm shopping or anything...

Stay safe out there.