Project CBR600F: Revenge of the Leaks!

The afternoon started out like this:

My excitement was short-lived.  The petcock is leaking pretty badly, as well as the fuel joint tube between carbs 2 and 3.  Breaking them apart requires replacing a whole lot of o-rings crafted from Honda's finest unobtainium.  Initially, I thought it was bowl on carb 2 but once I pulled them, I saw the proof. 

In happier news, there are no more coolant leaks (yet).  But my RTV gasket has a slight weep.  Right now, that's the least of my worries. 

The afternoon ended up like this:


Project CBR600F: Plug it up!

After hitting multiple auto parts stores, I managed to track down some suitable heater hose to replace the stock unit.  It doesn't have any fancy bends and looks like I stole some garden hose for the job but it fits and is heavier duty than stock. 

During my scouring of the net for other options, I found transparent heater hose in the appropriate size.  I may have to give that a shot.  It might look pretty cool until the coolant gets nasty but that would be a good indicator. 

Once that leak was resolved, I moved on to the pulse generator cover.  Scraping gaskets is half relaxing zen like work and the rest frustration and sliced fingers.  I managed to get the cover and case mating surfaces cleaned up and ready.  I leaned the bike onto its right side to keep oil from seeping out and ruining my RTV gasket.

However, trouble came when I tried to put the two clean surfaces together.  There is a hollow tube set in the middle of the upper gear that would not slide in enough for the cover to go back on.  Of course, this caused me to smear my nice bead.  I had to stand the bike back up and give the tube and gears a good jiggle to get it back in properly.  Then it was back to cleaning the case and mounting the cover.  Thankfully, it went on without issue.  My 60 minute timer is set and once it's ready, I'll torque down the bolts.

With the cover on, it was time to move on to the coolant intake o-ring.  This was a pretty simple fix. Slide it over the tube, wiggle the tube into place and tighten the bolt.  Being so easy, I'm sure this is the one fix that will still need some fixing. 

With all the leaks "fixed", I'm waiting for the 24 hour timer to expire so I can put the bike back on its side stand, top off the oil, fill the coolant and mount the tank. If no fluids are leaking, I can hit that magic red button.