new guts

I called the shop with the engine and they still have it thank God. I'm gonna head over and pick it up next weekend. Then we have to strip the cylinders and head off. After that quick process it's off to the machine shop for a good once over. The new clutch pack and other misc parts will be installed into the new crankcase. Need to track down a good cam chain and breaker. After the crankcase gets back from the shop, it will probably be assembled in a few days. Not that it takes that long, just gotta find the time. Hell, Funkes and I have torn down and built my engine multiple times in one day. Yes it was because of stupid mistakes. But by the time I'm done with this damn bike, I'll know it inside and out.

After the engine is built, tuned and installed, it's cake from there. Brakes, cables, some wiring and other misc bits. Oh yeah, tires, sprockets and chain as well. But nothing major compared to rebuilding the engine. The carbs are nice and clean but they need to be sync'd. It better be running before spring or I'm gonna go fucking crazy. I've spent so much money and time on this bike, it's rediculous. Once all the rebuild is done, then the fun stuff starts. Mods, gotta love 'em. Nothing too crazy just a few cool ideas and mish-mashing of other ideas.

I gotta order my helmet, jacket and armor. I got a set of Icon SuperDuty gloves for Christmas and they rock! I also got my set of old school goggles. So, I think I'm gonna go as Kaneda for Halloween next year. Just no red leathers. No more ranting for tonight. Tomorrow the better half and I leave for Tennessee and we'll be back on Monday. The drive is gonna be nuts!

Have a good Holiday everyone, stay safe out there.




It's snowing and we're supposed to get more tonight w/some rain. I don't care that I don't have 4x4 in my truck. I would rather have another CL450 with some ice racing tires and a good Aerostitch suit. Not that my riding skills are even close to being good enough to ride in snow or ice. Hell, I haven't ridden in real traffic in a very long time. Even then it wasn't for a prolonged period of time. Most of my 2wheel time has been offroad. Maybe that would help me rip to work on an icebike. I know the perfect bike for that. My buddy has a 70's Yamaha 300 2 stroke for sale. Maybe I should pick that up in the spring and make an icebike.

The addiction is rearing it's ugly head again. I need to decide what I'm gonna do with the EX500. I don't think it's stuck because when I got a running start and slammed it into 1st, I thought I heard the pistons cycle. But the rear tire did lock up, so that's not good. Is it even worth the time to tear it down and check to see if it truly is locked up? I know I won't even be getting into the 500 until after the 450 is running. I think I spend more time talking about fixing my bike than I do actually fixing it. Guess that's because I don't have the parts but I still have the need to have my mind mentally working on my bike. Mental wrenching if you will.

If I have extra cash after I sell the Bronco, maybe I can pick up a crankcase. I should also get a bigger heater too. Need to get my money's worth of what I'm spending to have the "garage". The list of repairs isn't all that bad, just need to get the crankcase. That's the major hurdle, the rest isn't so bad. Still gotta find a good set of dual purpose tires. I really want to get the old cafe racer look that has the dual purpose added in for good measure. The new cafe racer looks is cool and all but that's just not what I'm into. Hell, my headlight ring is held on by electrical tape.

Style and beauty is definitly not my goal.


The pics that no one will probably ever see....

I promised pics of the "garage". here they are, better late than never:

No work updates on the 450, still need to get a new crankcase. I'm still slacking on my mechanics class but I'll catch up soon, it's winter. There isn't much else to do. Man, I wish my bike ran and had some ice racing tires. It would be kick ass to ride to work in all this unplowed snow. I wouldn't cry if I had a Ural Gear-Up, cruise to work on that bad boy w/it's 2wheel drive and Russian Camo. One day I'll own one, I don't care if they top out at 60mph and are very touchy bikes. Worth every penny in my book. But I don't have enough pennies for a new $6k motorcycle, I don't even have enough for a crankcase. After Christmas, I'll be picking one up and getting to work on the 450.

Still trying to decide on a helmet and I think I'm gonna go with the Simpson GS3-MX. I know it's a DS helmet and it's not the best for pure street riding but it has a good rating and looks badass. Going with the white shell, amber lens and maybe a clear for night riding. Anyone have experience with amber shields at night? I know the color can enhance vision in low light, I used the same color goggles for paintball. Why am I asking people questions? I don't think anyone reads this. Do me a favor, if you've stumbled across this page and for some reason, keep reading it, drop me a comment. Even if no one replies, I'll still continue to write in there so I can save my friends from hearing about my bike 24-7.