a few steps back

I found a set of stock CL450 carbs on ebay and a throttle cable. They should be in the mail on Thursday. Not sure when I'll get back to the shop to do the swap. Plus, I still need to clean out the carbs on the 350 and pick up another rebuild kit. Once they're clean, I'll box 'em up and build them at home. Maybe even do the same to the new set of stock carbs. I might sell the Mikuni carbs and just keep the stockers.

With winter starting to settle around the Midwest, prime garage time is upon us. We need a new heater for the garage but I think we're pushing it with our extension cord fiasco. Our power supply is pretty limited to 2 outlets. Guess we're gonna need a few more extension cords! If we stay focused, it shouldn't be a problem to get the 450 and 350 road worthy by spring. I'm gonna do it for the lowest cost. Probably get a set of cheap Ching Shin tires from Cycle Recycle II. Maybe trade those Mikunis for the parts I need.

There's a ton of work that Funkz wants to do to the 750. It will be fun to dig into a new engine, plus it's a SOHC, so that makes it easier. We don't have too much to do to his bike. Getting the engine out will be a big pain in the butt. It's a monster and probably weighs about 200lbs.

In about 3 months, we should be able to roll out all 3 bikes with engines roaring. The RedQueen wants to get some saddle time on the CL350 at Mike's place. I'm glad she's looking forward to it. We both need to find a MSF course to take during the spring. My riding manners are still pretty green, so I know it will definitely help me. We've even talked about riding to Vintage Days and maybe the DOOM ride with UTMC.

slacking time is up... back to work.


shop time

Mike and I hit the shop yesterday and dug into a few projects. He brought down the Norton and the red CB350. We fired up the heaters, turned up the Black Sabbath and began on the Norton. After a short examination we found that his main shaft was sheared off. Might explain why it wasn't really going together right. So we put it back in the van and wheeled in the 350.

The front brake needs to be rebuilt and the fork is about as firm as jello. The carbs are dismantled but I have 1 complete rebuild kit and one partial. The clutch is gummed up and the cable probably needs to be replaced. Plus the standard sprockets, chain, tires and filters. The tank is from a CL so it's a bit short and nasty inside. That will need to be swapped in the future. Shouldn't take much to be a fun little scoots. We got it to fire up w/starting fluid. The first two or three times it blew out some carbon but on the last kick it was pretty clean.

Even the 450 got some attention. Still haven't sold it yet. We decided to find a set of stock carbs to swap with the Mikunis. That way we're only fighting one front at a time. Maybe take the other route and put points back on it. Definitely cheaper that way.

Here's a pic of the 350:


long time no blog

This Sunday, Mike is bringing down the Norton and with any luck, we'll have it's tranny installed and functioning properly. He's also bringing down the CL350 so I can do some wrenching on it over the winter. I'll have to get a pic of the 350 and 450 next to each other. They'll look like long lost siblings or at least step-siblings.

If all goes well, we might venture out in the December air for a quick ride. It all depends on the temperature and conditions. I've never done any cold weather riding, so I'm applying my camping/backpacking techniques for keeping warm. I'm pretty cold blooded by nature, so staying completely warm is pretty difficult. I picked up a helmet liner that doubles as a balaclava. Not to be confused the tasty Greek dessert, baklava. I think with that, a fleece scarf, my riding jacket, jeans, insulation layers and gloves, I should be ok. Man that's a lot of commas...

Any winter riding tips?

In nonriding news, most of my Christmas shopping is done. I still have a few select things to buy for my Mom and Dad. Not sure what I'm getting her but something black and orange for the HD store will please my Dad. He's a Harley rider but loves anything with two wheels (except sport bikes). The RedQueen has quite a few surprises coming her way. Might even top last years gift. Last year I picked up a decent Martin guitar for her since she loves to play but doesn't have a guitar.

Well... time to skip out of work early!

bundle up and stay safe if you're braving the winter roads!