If you're gonna ride trails like this, you're gonna need some nice saddlebags...

to haul your big balls around in.  


I have a sickness.

MMmmm.... M2 Cyclone.  

The Ulysses infected me with a lust for V Twin sport bikes.

I'm also suffering from a recent desire to just buy something like this as my urban commute weapon.
How much money do they give you for blood/plasma?  


Lots of changes...

The Uly is now at it's new home.  Lost some on the selling price due to the head gasket leak.

I am currently bike-less for the time being.  Not sure when I'll be back on two.  It all comes down to funds and time.  I'm making progress on the remodel project, thanks to the funds from the Uly.  A few solid weekends and it should be squared away.

What I want out of my next bike and what I'm going to get don't seem to be meshing up.  I want a simple dual sport that is capable of hauling the Mrs and I around (when we have the free time together), working as a commuter and even some light trips.  Also, it should be easy to work on, get good mpg, be light weight but also have plenty of space for us and gear.

This bike does not exist.  The closest I have come to is the DR650, KLR650 and even a ratty old XT600. While I do like the KLR, the DR is air/oil cooled and had lash/nut adjusters on the valves, making the service a cakewalk.  The ratty old XT is awesome, in a zombie apocalypse, survival sort of way but the parts can be tough to get.

I know we're going to be crazy busy once the little one gets here so I highly doubt there will be a bike of my own in the garage before spring but crazier things have happened.