I reached the end of craigslist...

I'm completely burnt out on internet bike shopping.

The BMW has been sold, which is cool by me because I had a bad feeling about it's mystery history. There are still a few SECA IIs for sale and a couple of NightHawk 750s. Both are still on my list of bikes to test ride. That seems to be the only thing I like that is somewhat new and within my price range (under $1800). The rest is all sport bikes, cruisers and MX bikes.

No more posts until I start test rides. I think I've far exceeded my whining limit.


BMW update and others...

I spoke to the owner of the BMW. He's the third owner, it's from California. According to him, it runs well and shifts fine. The only issue is a flakey rear brake light switch. Might need to be adjusted or replaced. He said it's been down so there's some scrapes on the engine case. Unfortunately, he does not have any maintenance records, so that makes me a bit uneasy. The rear shaft had the u-joint replaced 500 miles ago. All in all, I'm not hopeful about it's condition. I'll still check it out and take it for swing.

There's also a 93 Honda Nighthawk 750 for a good price only about 30 minutes from me. I'll check that one out as well as the SECA II.

Tired of internet shopping and research...I want to get on with the test rides.


another one to consider...

Found this 88 BMW K75 on CraigsList for around $1500, has 86k miles (is there such a thing as high miles on a BMW?). I'm not normally a fan of BMW but this bike has my interest piqued. Still digging the GS700E and the SECA. Right now the GS is in 1st with the SECA and BMW tied for second.



I found an 85 Suzuki GS700e for a good price. The more I read about the GS series bikes, the more I like 'em. Plus, the insurance is a lot less than bikes like the SECA II. It also helps that it's white, for some reason I like white bikes. You don't see many of them. I think it would be a perfect do it all bike, let's hope I think the same thing after a test ride (and that it's still for sale when the time comes).

Looks like this one:


I need your opinion....

So... It will take roughly $1200 to finish my CB750. I have a choice, I can either finish this bike all at once or put that cash towards a running bike. I'm leaning heavily towards the purchase of something different. So, I need your opinions on the few bikes I'm considering.

1. another CB750 (F series)
2. 2002+ Buell Blast
3. Yamaha SECA II
4. Any suggestions?

I love the 750s but I won't be selling mine, so I can piece it together slowly over time. I like the simplicity of the Blast plus it's weight and size are a plus. The SECA II seems to be a great "do everything" bike. Once it gets closer to purchase time, I'll do some shopping and test rides.

What do you think?


better vid

A quick vid of Funky starting the CB970.

Still running great and getting easier to start as everything breaks in. In other happy news, I believe we have the 77 CB750K sold, just waiting on funds. Of course, now that I'll have cash for a running engine, I can't find one. That's how it always is.


Rise of the CB970

New videos to come.

"Official Ride Report":

The bike runs like a dream. It takes a massive leg to kick start it. As Ken from CycleXchange says, "Welcome to the world of High Performance.". Tons of power all through the throttle range, no leaks, no stuttering, did I mention tons of power?

One bike resurrected, one to go.