Project CBR600F: The Quarantine Chronicles

So, it finally happened. 

I finally got time, no, finally made time to put hands to the carbs.  A quick refresher, the carbs were cleaned and rebuilt but suffered severe leaks at the fuel T.  I replaced those o-rings and then the bowls leaked.  With new bowl gaskets in, I decided to just bite the bullet and replace the remaining 33 year old o-rings for the fuel overflow and the mystery silver tubes (vacuum?) while I had the carbs off again.  This was all late last summer.  

With the family having quiet time, I seized the moment and grabbed the the carbs and needed tools.  I've never broken a part a bank of 4 carbs and I have heard horror stories and seen first hand, the frustration this can cause when my buddy rebuilt his CB750 bank.  I laid out some cardboard, took a deep breath, found my moment of zen, and got to work.  

There is so much linkage, so many tiny springs. 

I removed the choke linkage and did my best to keep the two middle carbs in place.  I was able to replace the o-rings on the mystery silver tube (vacuum related?)  but the o-rings on the overflow port were still pliable and in relatively good condition.  

When I replaced the o-rings on the fuel T, I bent one of the tiny throttle assembly springs, so I had to do my best to replace it with one from a set of donor carbs I received.   It wasn't much fun. 

I got the bank all back together and thought, "That wasn't so bad." Queue suspenseful music... I found a spring that got left over.  Dammit.  Eventually, everything was reassembled with no extra parts remaining.  

A friend recommended placing the carbs output side down on a sheet of glass and using the level surface when tightening down the mounts.  Worked liked a charm! 

Now, to put them back on the PVC rack and hook up the test tank to check for leaks.   Maybe that will happen next weekend.