Service: XJ600 SECA II Cam Chain Adjuster

The XJ's cam chain has been a bit noisy since I got it back.  It has an auto tensioner but sometimes they can get bound up.  So, following instructions from XJrider.com,  I made time this weekend to finally take care of it (and solve a minor oil leak).

Easy peasy, pull the tension bolt (12mm), remove it and then remove the mount (5mm allen). Plug the tensioner hole and scrape off all the old gasket.  Hopefully you have an easier time that I did.  It took some serious work to remove it all.  I used gasket remover and let it soak over night.  Finally I got it cleaned up.

Does anyone else write notes on their engines in Sharpie? I got into this habit on my old CL450. 

Bits n pieces.

Why pay $4 for a gasket plus $5 shipping when you can make your own? 

All plugged up! After assembly, rotate the engine forward (counter-clockwise) at least twice, slowly.  You should hear the tensioner click as it takes up the slack.  After that, I started the engine and enjoyed the lack of cam chain noise.