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I've been spending more time thinking about helmets, their quality and the certification processes. After much debate, I'm going with an ECE compliant helmet. Which means a couple of things. I'll be paying more for a helmet, parts will be more expensive and hopefully, it will be a safer lid. I searched and searched for a cool and unique helmet with good features and a moderate price. I didn't want to just buy a European version of an American helmet. I want something that is more, well, me. After a few hours of searching the net, I found a couple of helmet shops in the UK. Then, I saw it in all of it's stunning flat black beauty. Behold the Caberg V2:

It has an inner flip down visor, kinda like a fighter pilot helmet. Pretty damn sweet. I almost ordered it today but then realized that shipping would cost me about $100. That immediatly bummed me out until I realized that my Mom is headed off to the UK on Tuesday for vacation. So, she's gonna take the subway, I mean Underground, and pick one up for me. Good ol' Mom, gotta love her!

This weekend, we should have power back at the shop, or H6 as we started calling. I picked up some misc tools and goodies at the newly opened Harbor Freight store. Saturday, we'll be hitting the wrenches and hopefully getting some serious work done. After that, we might hit the Motorcycle Expo at the Fairgrounds on Sunday. Should be a busy weekend! As always, I'll try to post how it all goes. Time to find out if the sprocket mish-mash that I got from CRC2 will work. Knowing Rob, I bet it will. That guy is a walking library of bike knowledge.


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