the curse continues....

Saturday we hit the shop early and actually had power! I successfully cut the new drive chain (thanks to our new vise and punch set). Both new sprockets have been installed, same with the new coils and condensor. The day was going fairly well until I tried to kick over the engine to get some oil moving around. That's the moment the curse hit.

The kickstarter moved back without resistance for about 4 inches, then came to a solid stop. Nothing moved inside the engine. I know the pistons aren't stuck, the cam chain is good and all the gears in the crankcase should be fine. It was checked by BnC Machine Shop about a month ago. So, I believe the problem lies in the kickstarter gears. I don't have much experience with the mysterious workings inside the crankcase.

Needless to say, I'm hitting the shop next Saturday extra early and I'm not gonna leave until I have it solved or my brain locks up in frustration. First, off comes the right cover so I can make sure the crankshaft is turning. Then it's on to the rest of the possibilities. I also found out that when my exhaust was knocked over at a friend's garage, it bent the pipes so now they won't fit into the exhaust ports. Plus, I misplaced my exhaust mounts. It's the curse, or just the fact that my bike is so mishmashed that I'm going to continue to run into these issues.

In happier news, I have a engine cover bolt set coming and maybe even a headlight bucket. Still waiting for that auction to end. Maybe my helmet will be here this week. Gotta get to work on the database of hell, I mean fun.


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