curse of the frankencycle

I hit CRC2 today to pick up some parts and the curse struck me again. My rear sprocket is a 33 tooth, not the standard 34. Plus, the mounting holes are much larger than what they should be and it's a smaller sprocket. So, Rob found something that matches up with a little mish-mashing. I'm not sure if it's going to work but we'll find out this weekend. So, in theory, I have a new front and rear sprocket, new (to me) coils, fuel line and a heavy duty (non o-ring) chain.

I'm hoping the weather this weekend is nice and that the damn outlet is working again at the shop. Kinda hard to use power tools when you don't have power. I can atleast get the sprockets installed and maybe get the wiring cleaned up. So far, things are coming along at a good pace. With any luck I'll get a good chunk of the work done Saturday. I still have misc things to buy like more electrical connectors, cotter pins and other bits. I need to bring my seat home and start cutting it down to a more cafe style seat. Think I'm gonna use the orginal pan and cut out the cheap thick foam. Then replace it with a nice closed cell foam to rest my scrawny ass on.

Since I didn't fiddle with my carbs too much, I'm hoping I won't have to sync them but I'll probably end up doing it anyway. That will be a learning experience. I found an electronic ignition for my bike, gonna set me be back about $190 but it will be worth every penny. Still need to get a helmet, jacket and these kick ass armored pants you wear under jeans. I'm probably just gonna ride in my dirty carharts, they should hold up a little better than jeans, plus the armor underneath.

back to work....


Surly said...

One tooth on the rear won't hurt you much. It would increase your top MPH on the highway. If your looking for riding gear, hell even if your not, get an Aerostitch catalog. They rule, don't hesitate. Get it now.

red said...

I'm a big fan of Aerostich, just got a box from them yesterday. Picked up =
new horn, Cruz MultiTool and the almight "cars are coffins" patch.

Wish I could afford a suit, they rock! I haven't received this year's