3 steps forward, 2 steps back....

Today, we pulled the engine and isolated the kickstarter problem to the crankcase. We loaded it into the Vdub and took it back to BnC. They'll let me know what happened and the repair/check is free. Plus, they're gonna try to make a 16mm locknut socket for my sludgetrap.
Other than that not much got accomplished on the CL besides grinding and removing a link from the new cam chain. Man, that vise makes life so much easier. If BnC is done by next weekend, we'll be reassembling the engine and starting the fine tuning. If they aren't, then we're gonna load up Stripper Bike and take it down to Cycle Recycle 2 and trade it for credit or cash. I'd be cool with getting a head light bucket, new pipes and maybe some tires and other bits out of it. But we'll see what Rob has to say.
My temporary helmet should be here next week sometime. Still no word on the arrival date for my Caberg. I tried on a small HJC today and it was big on me. So, maybe the XS in the Caberg will fit me fine. If not, I'll let the RedQueen use it and I'll just get another one. Have I mentioned that I hate the UK's Parcel Post? Oh, my Mom will be bringing me back a copy of StreetFighter Magazine from London. Finally get to peek into an issue, can't find it around the Midwest.

that's enough for tonight......


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